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Broadway is the heart of American Canyon. Owned and operated by Caltrans as State Route 29, Broadway has served as the main thoroughfare through American Canyon since the Carquinez Bridge was completed in 1927. Today, Broadway serves as an important artery for American Canyon business, resident services, commuters, tourists, and Napa Valley wine transportation.

Miller's Store Circa 1955



Over the years, the land next to Broadway has slowly evolved from rural country, to low intensity industrial and outdoor storage, to a mix of newer services, shopping centers, hotels, and higher density residential. Today, all of these land uses are still in use along Broadway as well as ample vacant property. However, the Highway, which emphasizes bypass traffic since the 1970’s, does not reflect needs for pedestrian and vehicle access to local shops and services.   The lack of continuous sidewalks makes pedestrian access inconvenient, dangerous, and encourages more automobile trips.

To respond to the changing needs for Broadway, the City updated its long-range transportation plan in 2013. This plan calls for Broadway to be widened one additional lane in each direction to 6 lanes along with landscaping, sidewalks and separated bicycle lanes. The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA) approved a modified boulevard concept for Highway 29 Corridor.

NCTPA "Modified Boulevard" Concept

With the NCTPA Broadway plan complete, the City is developing a Specific Plan for the land use on either side of the highway. We know that Broadway creates a “first impression” of the community to the 50,000 tourists, commuters, residents and commercial traffic that uses the highway each day. What kind of first impression do we want? As the Core of the City, how do we make this District serve our needs for services and a gathering place? As a natural division between the east and west sides of Town, how do we bridge the divide? As vacant land is built, bringing in new residents and businesses, what do we want the new development to look like? The Broadway District Specific Plan will guide our decisions as we move into the future.

We Want Your Help. Use this website to work with us to craft ideas about developing and improving the Broadway District.   For information on the "Broadway District" Specific Plan, please contact Brent Cooper, AICP, Community Development Director, at (707) 647-4336.


Main Street in American Canyon

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